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Friendly is good, mobile-friendly is better

One of the latest front-page news on the web is that on April 21st Google started rolling out its new mobile-friendly update.

The long and short of it is the mobile-friendly pages’ ranking is being boosted on mobile search results.

Thus, after this update it’s much more easier for searchers to find on the web relevant results with text that can be read with no trouble such as zooming and taping, web results where all the functional items are located appropriately and where is no horizontal scrolling.

Important points that should be considered here are as follows:

  • a) This update affects only mobile devices’ search rankings.
  • b) It affects search results in all languages.
  • c) It targets individual pages and not entire websites.

It’s worth mentioning that even with a careful eye to this new update we shouldn’t forget that a page ranking depends on a big variety of factors which are still working. But anyway, it’s always better to be aware of all novelties and keep up with the times.

Thus, it’s good for you if your website’s pages had been already mobile-friendly by the time the new Google update was rolled out. But even if not, you shouldn’t be upset, once your website becomes mobile-friendly, Google will automatically re-crawl and re-index your website’s pages so that they can be treated in ranking as a mobile-friendly ones.

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